Sunday, August 27, 2006


I was going through my stash and found at least 20 UFO's. Oh my. I have a lot of stitching to do. I am going to make a list of them and start working on them. All of them I love and just HAD to do. Isn't that always the idea. How did they get so out of hand.
I am still working on Moon and Stars. I am also working on Voyage Home by Cricket Collection. These will be Christmas gifts. Voyage Home will be for my new son in law Tony. He loves Herman Melville and Moby Dick was one of his favorite books ever. So this would be just perfect for him. Moon and Stars I am stitching for my daughter Katie (Tony is her husband). She is going to love it. So that will take care of two Christmas gifts, only a few more dozen to go. LOL


Melissa said...

Sharon-can't wait to see that list of UFOs. Do you still love them all? I'm sort of working my way through projects that I have started and set aside for whatever reason. Not following a rotation but letting a few of them see the light of day. It actually is making me feel better about my stitching. Or should I say better about starting something new. LOL

Andrea said...

Sharon, I just love your LNS you have pictured here!! I have that in my stash and seeing yours makes me want to pull it out!