Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hey Happy Sunday to all, Its such a nice day out, I can see out my window the sun is shining and not a bit of snow which is just so crazy for this time of year. I had a busy morning and I just started baking a red velvet cake for the family for dessert and I can't wait to eat a piece smothered with cream cheese frosting. I guess I am few days late for it to be for Valentines Day.
I was in a Valentines Swap with a friend and I received a lovely package from her. A beautiful project bag made with Blackbird Fabric. Check this out:
Isn't it lovely. I can't wait to use it. It was filled with some yummy goodies too, a box of very fancy chocolates and some very sweet gel decorations that I love. Thank you so much, Janice, this was so much fun.
I feel really silly because I didnt take pictures of what I sent her. Oh yeah I took a picture of the box filled with gifts...DUH!! Why I did that I will never know so I am hoping that she will take pics and if she didn't thats okay too.
Oh yeah I did take a picture of my very first completed stitching project of the year. Isn't it sweet?
Guess thats about all the needle love I have done since my last post. Shame on me. I need to start a baby blankie for my new Granddaughter Aubree and a baby sampler for her but I have not found something that I am really in love with. Also the baby yarns, OMG they are so beautiful, I keep changing my mind of what to stitch. I never seen so many lovely yarns before. I remember when my kids were babies, it was pink blue yellow mint green or a mixture of them and that was it. This pregnancy is going so much better then Katies last one. Thank God. She is really glowing and is so excited. We all are, can't wait to meet our Aubree.

Well, I better go frost my cake and eat a piece while I can. Happy Sunday everyone, love to all of you.

Sharon xoxox

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I never planned to be away for so long. Somehow the days just seem to get away from me. Here it is 2012 and I never even said Merry Christmas or Happy New Year to all my dear blogger friends. For that I am truly sorry. I had some health problems, was really not feeling my best and to make matters worse, I ended up in the hospital right after Thanksgiving for a back problems. That was the worse. I have had some repair work done on that and so far so good. I am walking around very carefully and back to work trying to take one day at a time. Still have some other tests and things I need to get done but like I said one day at a time.
Here it is a new year and a new start of all things for me. While laid up I couldn't help but think about all the stash I had and all the money I had spent on stuff that I had not stitched, stuff I just had to have, now
I have been trying to reorganize and weed out some things that I know I will never do. I had quite a few UFOs that I knew I would never ever ever finish so I closed my eyes and tossed them. It wasn't as bad as I thought. The first night I tossed and turned a bit but I have gotten over it and I actually feel good about it now.
A scarf I made for my daughter Jennifer.
Last year I started crocheting again and this of course started me off on a whole new stash of Yarn, hooks and patterns. Now I have this to keep under control as well. While going through my things I really got very ashamed of myself. So I am trying very hard to get these things under control and to make use of the HUGE amount of stuff I still have. I have started to crochet scarves for the children at school and its probably the most fun I have ever had with crocheting. They are so appreciative, it makes you feel so good. The other day a little boy who I had made my first scarf for handed me a box of raisins. I told him oh no you eat your snack and he said I did this one I brought for you. I didn't want to take it but something in his face told me I had to and he was so thrilled that he gave me a gift. How sweet, what a blessing. I am not so ashamed about all the yarn I have bought this past year now, I feel like maybe that was the reason I bought so much of it in the first place.
I also am going to be a Grandma again this year. My daughter Katie is having another baby. She is due in June and having a little girl. They are naming her Aubree Rose. I love that name its just so pretty and feminine. I am so excited I can't wait to hold that new little one in my arms. Anthony will be a big brother and he is just 3 but he is so excited about a new baby. He already put aside some of his toys to share with his new baby sister. He is such a sweetie.
I am back in a stitching mood too, going through your stash will do that to you. I had gone about a month without stitching but thats behind me too. My goal for 2012 is to work on that CHS Village and I did a little, a strand here and there. But of course i had to start something new so I started a design that I have wanted to stitch for a few years called Island Fun. It appeared in June 2008 issue of Just Crosstitch. It makes me smile and reminds me lots of me and my honey. He likes it also. So I think my choice for my new start was a good one.
Will post more pics in my next post that will be soon.
Love to all, Sharon

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween is over and I realized I never shared these pics with you. Those Cupcakes were delicious even if they were a bit creepy. The frosting was filled with mini chocolate chips which made them even better.

a little closer peek

Here is a picture of a very sad Superman (my grandson) I think someone was trying to take candy out of his Trick or Treat bag or he was mad because he had to wear sneakers not his traditional boots. LOL Either way he did have a fun time and got loads of goodies.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Snow - Oh Man!!

Well we got lots of snow around here and wow is it cold out. Its not unusual for us to get a little bitty snow in October once in a great while. But this was lots more then we expected. Its the great snowman snowball making snow too. Very heavy. Lots of people in our town are without power, I hope they can repair it soon. We were very lucky, thank God!!
Here is my Victoria with her snowman in front of our home.

A nice pot of hot creamy corn chowder is one nice way to warm them cold bones.

Keep warm and everyone!!

Sharon xoxoxox

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Halloween Stitching

I just finished putting this cutie together. I have to laugh when I read it. I just love the saying. I have included it in a package for someone special for Halloween. (My son) he doesn't read my blog because he is SOOOOO busy at work so I know he won't see this. He just got his own office at work and he is so very excited about this new job. We are so very happy for him. So since he won't be home for Halloween I am sending him this little Halloween treat package to his job. I have included the stitching and a package of his favorite cookies. Also, some candy from his favorite store near by. I hope he gets a kick out of it.

Sharon xoxoxo

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I really appreciate them. I thought for sure my friends had forgotten about me since I took such a long break. Wow was I wrong. You guys are great. This weekend I plan on sitting back and catching up on all your blogs and I can't wait.

Here is another finish of mine. The pillow Eek it was so much fun to stitch.

Maybe I should have taken a closer picture of it. Its really cute. Here is a picture of the whole cabinet with some of my Halloween stitching and decorating.

It was fun decorating and I have so much more to do. Every year I hope to get trick or treaters but we never do anymore. So we have our own little celebrations with our grandchildren.

I am definitely going to be making cupcakes with these decorations:

Have a great day.

Sharon xoxoxox

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Salem Remembered

I can't tell you how many drafts I have written these past months. I just never seemed to complete a one of them. So I am going to try to finish this one and share with you my newest finished piece.

I enjoyed stitching this piece so much. A tribute to those who were accused and killed for witchcraft. As much as I love the past and find it so interesting I thank God that we live in these times. It must have been awful back then.

Our area up here was hit very hard by Hurricane Irene. We have friends and neighbors that lost homes, farms, animals, vehicles and have so much damage. We were so very lucky, our road was washed out and we had to stay indoors for a few days but that was a small inconvenience compared to what others had to bear. Our school became a shelter for so many. School Opening was delayed because of all the road & bus damage. All of it was devastating but thank God we are alive and isn't that what matters most.

I have been stitching a few fun Fall things that I am putting together and will share in my next post, which I promise will be soon. In addition I am stitching a Christmas stocking for myself. I am using Lizzie Kates Angel stocking pattern that I have had forever and finally started. I need some Christmas cheer and its a happy stocking and a fun stitch so far. I think I should have made it much larger though. You know to make room for all them goodies that Santa undoubtedly will bring me. LOL LOL.

Have a happy Autumn Day

Sharon xoxoxox