Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stitching Frenzy

Yes, I am on a stitching frenzy. This week I have started 3 projects all on the same day. Not even UFO's, just new stuff I have been wanting to stitch. All of them are Carriage House Samplings, the Village, Be My Love, and Companion Quaker Tree Sampler, part one. I just love them all passionately and I am going to take turns working on them. I worked for 2 hours tonight on Be My Love which I am stitching for me and my husband. Next month will be our wedding anniversary, and the other 2 are just for me. :)
Here is the most recent pic of "Be My Love" and "Quaker Tree Sampler", will post a pic of the village tomorrow.

I just loved working on these pieces. I have to retake the top picture. They are both being stitched on the same exact fabric, color and count but the first picture doesn't look clear at all. Will do that tomorrow too. Good night all.


Siobhan said...

Woohoo!! You've made a lot of progress for somebody who just started. Great job! Kathy's designs are always beautiful.

anna said...

Hi Sharon! I didn't realize you're a sampler girl as well! I so love Carriage House Samplings charts as well! Off to add your blog to my list LOL!

anna from PS

Melissa said...

Sharon-your progress is great! You'll have these finished in no time.