Friday, January 05, 2007

Stitching plans for 2007

Thank you all for your comments on my slide show. It was so much fun to make.

I am soooo glad its Friday. I want to sleep late tomorrow, not too late because I am going to go out to breakfast with my honey, then we are going to make our weekly trek to Walmart to stock up on some things, dog food, detergent etc. But the rest of the weekend I want to sit my backside down and stitch away. All this evening I worked on my mystery sampler. I am going to try and catch up with it so that I am right on time so when I get the next page, next friday, I can work on it then. I am reserving Fridays for Mystery Sampler. I want to try a daily rotation sort of thing. I am in a few SAL, one Blackbird one that starts on January 10th. I have chart, fabric and threads all ready to go. I am also in the Winter Wind SAL but not sure of the start up date. Not sure what days I am going to stitch on these, will think about that this weekend and make some serious plans. I am thinking of making Sundays my UFO days. I have so many of them. A couple in particular I really want to finish. Then a PS Santa day, oh and an ornament day... I think I ran out of days. Hmmm well those are pretty much my 2007 goals. I know I can do it. I am so excited about making these plans. I even bought a journal to keep track. I am avoiding all stores till market days.

Here are a few UFO's that I am going to work on in the next few UFO Days. I am going to try to get them done this month.

This one is Hearts Left Behind by Hesters Needle. I started stitching this in memory of my sister Susan who passed away in 2002. I think I stitched this part in 2003. YIKES!! That is disgraceful.. soI am going to finish it this month for

Now this one is Bright Needles Merry Christmas. How excited I was to get this design. I got it on a retreat in Canandaigua, NY where the designer Ann Petit has a store. She autographed it for me. I am almost done with it. This was an RR and there isn't much left to do on it at all. Just need to DO IT!!

This was another RR and I just love the colors on it. Its by Blackbird designs and its called Holly Manor. Isn't it pretty?

So those are my UFO plans for January. It would be wonderful if I can finish them all, then start working on some other UFO's in February. Wish my Luck!!

Well, back to my Mystery Sampler, it is only Friday for 90 more minutes. Better get stitching.

Good night


Melissa said...

Good luck with the UFO stitching Sharon. I feel your pain. So many so close to finished, but so many new things to stitch. They are all beautiful. I love the one you are stitching in memory of your sister.

Wendy said...

Lovely work on your WIP's, Sharon. It sounds like you are going to be busy with the upcoming SAL's!

Nancy K. said...

I love your stitching on the Hearts Left Behind - it's wonderful seeing it stitched in the colors intended for it. I'm stitching this too, in memory of my dad, but I changed the wording to the 930 series blue given it is being stitched for my dad. It's such a lovely sampler.
Take care, Nancy