Wednesday, February 14, 2007

With Market over there are so many wonderful new things that I MUST HAVE. LOL I have to make a big list. I definitely want all the new Carriage House Samplings.
The other day I got myself some Black Premium Silk from Vikki Clayton and I just have to say I love it. Its so much fun to stitch with. I bought it to stitch Miss Mary Mack with and I decided to start it, inspite of all my other WIPs LOL (since when did that ever matter) So I put a couple stitches in and I was so thrilled with it that I kept going. I am just about done with the border. I just love everything about it. I love the way it feels, the way it glides through the fabric, the coverage, that it doesn't twist thats incredible. So now I am going to be a silk junkie and need to get lots of it.
Here is a picture of my Miss Mary Mack:

I finished my little red quaker heart and started the next side of it, I hope to make it into a hanging pillow.

Now here is my love Prairie Schooler SAL Winter Winds. I love the colors on this piece but I am not crazy with the saying. But it is very pretty, I do love Prairie Schooler designs. I think I am going to stitch the autumn one next. That one is really pretty. Market has revealed Spring and Summer. I have to check them out as well.


VavadesNeiges - Eva said...

i love this design
did you see on my blog the small one "winter" ?
happy stitching Sharon

Wendy said...

Your WIP's look great, Sharon. And I can't blame you for wanting to start a new project. Some of those new Nashville releases are going to find a way into my home somehow. I love the PS designs, those are a must-have.

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful work Sharon! Great to see you posting again :o)

Deanne J said...

They all look great, I can't wait to see your progress on Mary

A Stitch in Time

piko said...

I love your works.:) Beautiful so much!

Lelia said...

Yes, lots of lovely new designs available : ) Good start on Ms Mary Mack .. . your quaker heart looks very nice!

NIce PS sampler, too