Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Almost done

I am so excited about being so near a finish on my Prairie Schooler Winter winds. I stitched for a few hours last evening and got so much of it done. I actually felt guilty about going to bed when I didn't have so much more to do on it. Will work on it tonight and hopefully will have my first finish for March. Then I have to work on my Garden of Life which is another piece that I have gotten so behind in on the SAL. I love to be stitching along with others on the same piece I just have so much trouble following a time schedule. I guess that is the most common problem with SAL's.
I am so anxious to start one of my new CHS but I need to work on my Village. I bought some of the silks and I am today going to order a new piece of fabric. The fabric I have is just too small for me to see so I am going to order a bigger count and it will be huge and I don't care. It will be beautiful no matter the size. Then will order the fabric for the CHS girls. Kathy B you rock, your designs are just incredible. I never get bored with them, they are all soooo wonderful. Thank you thank you.

My grandson Tyler just won an award in school and here he is. He is the one in the red shirt on the bottom far right with the big smile.


Pumpkin said...

Winter Winds is looking so lovely Sharon! You'll be done very soon :o)

Congratulations to your grandson!

VavadesNeiges - Eva said...

don't worry Sharon : we will wait for you :)))

Siobhan said...

Go Tyler!! Congratulations! He looks so proud. :) Your Winter Winds is fabulous. Hopefully I'll be able to SAL with you on the BBD. We can be the straggling duo. ;)

Margie said...

Winter Winds is so pretty! It's one of my favorite PS.