Monday, March 19, 2007

A new Loose Feathers piece, how wonderful it is. I just got it in the mail today and I am already aching to start it. Its just so lovely. The fabric behind the chart is the one that the chart calls for.

I had a nice weekend of stitching. Worked on my mystery sampler and finished these 2 designs, The Strawberry design is from Cross Country Stitching magazine and as you can see I made it into a nightlight as a gift for a friend. I hope she likes it. I think it came out really cute. I am going to do the same thing to the next one too. I had so much fun decorating the first one, I think I will be making quite a few of these this year for gifts. They are very easy and lots of fun. Just have to find the perfect designs for them.

I am thinking of starting an older chart, from Liz Kate Pair O'Pilgrims. I bought this awhile ago and I would love to stitch them and have them made into standups for Thanksgiving. I think they are so sweet. They call for a fabric Mocha Lincoln, I have not seen it yet but I think its very similar to aida or maybe Linaida. I have not stitched a Lizzie in awhile. I did love her stocking designs and I have stitched 2 of them. I wish always that she comes out with another one. They were so much fun to stitch. Which reminds me I still need to stitch the angel one. I stitched the Santa one for my husband and the snowman for my son.

Thank you all for so many nice compliments on my blog pics. I really enjoy blogging just need to blog more then I do.
This past Friday was my son's 25th birthday. I can hardly believe he is 25 already. I baked a cake for him though he is working far from home. We celebrated and sang happy birthday to him over the phone. I know he was pleased even though he said we were all crazy. LOL Thats okay, it was fun. He is my youngest, my baby.

Well, its late and I better hit the hay. Another busy day tomorrow for me.
good night all.
Hope Spring comes soon to all of you. xoxox


robertswayze said...

These look great...nice work...and belated birthday wishes for your son...and hey also drop by my blog on Birthday Wishes sometime for some really amazing resources and ideas to make birthdays more special!!!

Pumpkin said...

Great finish Sharon! You did a lovely job :o)

Happy Birthday to your son! Hope it was a good one :o)

Lizzy said...

I love the new Loose Feathers, Sharon! Mine is on order with Drema at Needlecraft Corner... should arrive soon! I can't wait to start it! :-)

That nightlight is so adorable! I haven't seen one of those before! Lovely finishing!

I love the L*K Pair of Pilgrims... they make adorable stand ups! Can't wait to see yours!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments! :-)