Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Saturday everyone. Its been a long hard week and I am pooped. Hope today to just do some relaxing and stitching. Thats what's on my agenda. Inspite of me being so busy this week I got a few breaks of absolute joy in them. I got 2 lovely stitched items in the mail from friends and I absolutely love them.
First I got this lovely pinkeep from Rachel at It is my first ever pinkeep. I have wanted to make one for a long time so I was just thrilled to get one as a gift. it is just perfect. The color is so pretty and I just love how you stitched our names on the bottom. Thank you so very much, Rachel, I will treasure it always.
I was in a biscornu swap and I had sent one and completely forgot that I was going to get one in return. It came as a complete surprise to me when I received mine this week. How funny that is. I was so into making it that I forgot I would receive one also. What a lovely surprise I got from Robyn, who made me this delightful red biscornu. Its so pretty. My biscornu basket is filling up. Whoohoo!!

There are so many new goodies out this week and there are quite a few that I want. Like Workbasket Quaker Teddies, these are just so cute, I have to get them. I just ordered some fabric from Silkweavers called Days Gone By. I am looking forward to getting it and I am happy to say they wrote and said it was on its way. Can't wait. Isn't it pretty.

Then there is this lovely chart by FingerWorks about Whaling that I have to get. Lots of my relatives were whalers and fishermen so I think this would be a great tribute to my ancestry, even though I dislike fish and feel very sorry for the whales.

Well, I am off to go sit outside relax and maybe get some stitches in on Blackbirds Message which is coming along nicely. Here is my last pic of it. I just love the colors.

Have a great afternoon everybody, I will post more updates tomorrow


siobhan said...

The mailman sure brought you some lovely stuff this week, Sharon!! Love the BBD WIP. You're making great progress. The Days Gone By & whaling piece--love love love love them both!

Sue said...

Lovely photos, and what a great blog you have!

Pumpkin said...

Lovely, lovely gifts Sharon! Talented ladies :o)

Days Gone By is a gorgeous color! You might have helped make a sale ;o)