Saturday, June 02, 2007


Can it really be June already. My goodness, this year is flying by. The last few days I have been just so enjoying the really nice warm weather. My husband and I sit outside a lot and love to watch our grandchildren playing in the sunshine. While sitting out there I like to work on small projects, like the biscornus. I finished another one yesterday, same as the last one but in a different color. I am so hooked on these little pillows. I just love how they look all put together, I am amazed by them.

I didn't stick to my rotation as I had planned, I added another Blackbird piece Bluebirds message as my 3rd in the rotation and I started it and instead of a few hours I couldn't put it down. LOL its such a happy piece. I need to get back to my mystery sampler though, I am two weeks behind now and my Villages.

Oh here is a picture of Moon Garden framed, isn't it beautiful? I just love the look of it. I am going to hang it in my bedroom.


Itching To Stitch said...

Your biscornu is so pretty and I love your new start, that looks like it may be a fairly quick stitch. Love the framed piece too ;)

Mary Kathryn said...

Moonflower IS amazing! Very romantic I think.


Mary Kathryn said...

sorry - Moon Garden!!


Nancy said...

Everything is beautiful Sharon! I love your Moon Garden. Very nice stitching, and the frame is gorgeous and sets off the design really well.


Wendy said...

Great biscornu! And Moon Garden is just gorgeous! It definitely makes me want to run out and get this one to stitch! Beautiful work!!!

Pumpkin said...

Oh Sharon, the framed piece is GORGEOUS! I just love the frame because it brings out the stitching.

Nice biscornu! I really want to learn how to do them.