Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thank you all for the compliments on my wreath and first ornie for the Prairie Schooler SAL. I have not been able to get much stitching done since my son has come home from Alabama and this past week has just been filled with so many outings and visits. It has been great.

Last week we had a Renaissance Fair in our small town and it was great. The children especially loved it. They got to see a joust and to see dragons and knights also. There was even a few battles for the hand of the fair maiden Victoria. So there was great fun for all. Here is a slide show to view. Jules and Spencer are friends of my grandchildren.


Jeanne said...

That slide show is just so darn cool and those grandbabies aren't babies anymore!!! Sooo Cute!!!

Pumpkin said...

That would be so cool! We don't have anything like that fair around here.