Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kitty Kat update

Katie brought them sweet little kitties to the vet and she found them to be 3 weeks old, very small and weak. The one that was in the bowl is the weakest of all and she has some few health problems. The vet said they had not nursed in awhile and the smallest one would not have lived another day and the others were a bit stronger. They are now in the care of a foster Mom who is nursing them back to health. They are thriving well and scampering around like little kitties should be with full tummies. They are going to find permanent homes for 3 and Katie wants that little one. She has just fallen in love with him. We all have. She is just so sweet and tiny.
Thank you all for your kind words and I will post updates and hopefully new pictures as soon as I get them.

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Pumpkin said...

What a wonderful ending to this story :o) Thanks for letting us know what happened Sharon!