Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All the planning, the shopping, writing cards, wrapping gifts, keeping almost over. This month is flying by too fast for me. I want to enjoy it a little more. I have been so very busy busy busy and I have been neglecting you dear blog but I know you understand. Its December.
I am in a 6 person ornie swap and my ornies have been arriving. They are so lovely. I am dying to show you pics of the ornies I have sent but I don't want to spoil surprises but here is a picture of 4 of the ornies I have received so far. Aren't they lovely?

So what do you want for Christmas?


Pumpkin said...

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Now I wish I had done an exchange this year ;o)

Kathy said...

You sure are lucky Sharon. Those ornaments are all so wonderful. Great job was done on all of them.

janice said...

What do I want for Christmas? I want someone to make me that Quaker motif ornament!! Whoever stitched that has exquisite taste!!!!!!