Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My granddaughter who is just 4, has been very ill with the flu and has developed bronchitis and a kidney infection too. This is the sickest I have ever seen her and my heartaches seeing her feel so poorly. Today was supposed to be her Valentine party in nursery school but with the weather being so bad school was closed and they have postponed the party till the end of the month. Lots of children have been out sick but they were all so looking forward to this party. They each made their very own mailbox last week to collect their little valentines. So sweet. I am so glad they put it off, I hope and pray she will be better by then. Meanwhile she is still my little valentine and I will have surprises for her and her brother tomorrow.

On Sunday night we had some very high winds and a big old pine tree got uprooted and crashed through my amish swing destroying it. In addition it pulled out all the lines to the house so we were without power, phone, cable and internet service. UGHH!! Electricity was restored pretty fast but the rest we had to wait until yesterday afternoon. What a mess. it also tore down some of our gutters but they needed to be replaced this Spring so that we didn't mind too much. But I will miss my swing. I have rocked many a baby and child in it. Sat out there with my children when they were teens and had long talks with them, enjoyed sitting there with my husband enjoying the peacefulness there. Right behind it was a small magnolia tree that I brought from here from Virginia and everyone said it wouldn't grow in such a cold snowy place but every spring it blooms there and we sit there and enjoy it. I will miss my swing.


Pumpkin said...

Poor little thing :o( That was a good idea that they postponed it. I hope she gets better soon Sharon. That brings back memories when we used to make those mailboxes in elementary school :o)

Your poor swing! Will you be able to get it fixed?

J Rae said...

I hope she is better soon. The poor thing.

So sorry about your swing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the last few weeks have been so stressful. I hope your granddaughter will feel better soon. My dd who is also in Va. called me today and she too has bronchitis...she sounded awful, poor thing is miserable and she is in I can't imagine how a 4 year old is feeling. But I'm sure having grandma around will help.

That storm must have been something else as I keep hearing about storm damage...your poor swing...hopefully things are better now and some cheerier weather is on its way.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Rhonda in OK said...

what a shame about your swing! and I hope your granddaughter is good as new very soon.