Friday, October 24, 2008

The Candidates

Today at our local school they are having a presidential election and the children are voting for their favorite candidate. During recess I got to talk to quite a few of the children about their views. Some of them so young are so worried about our country. Maybe I am wrong but I just don't think small children should be worried about things like that. I could not believe my ears hearing 3rd grade children arguing politics.
When I came home I found this picture in my mail box and it made me laugh. I just wanted to share it with everyone. I don't want to offend just thought a little humor was needed.

The latest Dancing with the Stars couple.


Susan in SC said...

How funny!

Petra said...

You have a beautiful blog with very pretty finishes.

Pumpkin said...

Are you serious? That's just crazy if children in third grade are worrying about politics :oS