Sunday, November 09, 2008

Saturday Stitching & more

I did it I finished my Primitive Hornbook angel. It came out so pretty and I can't wait to frame it. I will update my post tomorrow with a picture. I need to get my camera out of my car where I left it and I will do that in the morning.
I finished that bib I was stitching for my friend Roseann's little grandson and she sent me this picture with little Carter wearing it. He is such a cutie and so sweet. Always cooing and smiling.

Here he is in his Mummy outfit.

What a busy day I had today. Yesterday I made 2 trays of stuffed shells for us and for my very pregnant daughter Katie. We were visiting her today but I had an 8:00 am doctor appt first with the ortho doctor for my aching knee. I got another shot in it and I am hoping (fingers and toe crossed) and praying that it works. The last shot worked but only for a short time. After that I went to Katie's house and helped her and her DH Tony get things ready for the upcoming birth. She packed her suitcase, packed a diaper bag. We had a nice lunch of stuffed shells and crusty bread and it was good. After that we steam cleaned the rugs because she hadn't been able to do it. We got the crib and things all ready for little Anthony. Oh my she is so uncomfortable. She isn't due until December 15 but the doctor is pretty sure because of her health that it will be much sooner, most likely by Thanksgiving. Thats not far off. Whoohooo. Can't wait to hold my new grandbaby. We had so much fun looking at all his new little clothing and things and lots of toys already too. Mommy and Daddy there are so anxious and excited, already making all sorts of future plans for their new little boy. Its so much fun to hear them. I still can hardly believe my baby girl is having a baby. Well, she is 29. Kind of an old baby huh.

Good night everyone. I will be back in the morning.


Susan in SC said...

Sharon - I hope your knee starts feeling better! Keep us posted on your daughter.

Pumpkin said...

It looks like your bib was a huge hit ;o)

I hope your knee feels better and responds to this treatment.

I can tell just how excited you are :o) I bet your DD can't wait to deliver the baby as well. LOL!