Friday, January 23, 2009

I am sorry little blog, I have been so neglectful of you this week. The week has flown by. It has been so cold and snowy and I just have not been able to thaw myself out. Last night I actually went to bed at 5:00 PM. I was so cold and I couldn't warm up. I must have just needed a really good night sleep because I am up today and I feel great, I can wrestle a bear (a very small one). I am anxious to get home from work today because my little grandson will be here waiting for me. YIPPEE. Can't wait to see him and hold him. I have not stitched at all this week and I am feeling the withdrawal, hope I can spend some time this weekend getting some major stitch-a$$! I have so many ideas and things I want to work on and make. Will post some pics of them over the weekend. I need to go early in the morning tomorrow to the LNS to buy some much needed threads to work on some things. Can't wait. I am going to try to go in with blinders on so I can't see anything but the threads. Trying hard to stitch from my stash. I am so weak though when it comes to new stash. LOL

Thank you all so very much for your wonderful compliments on my blog, my stitching and my grandson. You are all so kind. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to you all.
On a very happy note my dearest sister friend Siobhan has started a blog. I have hoped she would start a blog for years and she has and it's wonderful. You have to check it out. She stitches the most wonderful stuff and her new home and decorating is incredible. So try and visit her and have a really good time.

I got an award. Yippee!!
Thank you so very much Terry
for the nomination. You are so sweet.
I am to list 5 of my addictions and list 5 bloggers who I think are fabby. So here goes:


Cross stitching
Now it's your turn to do the same on your blog. Claim your awards ladies!



Michelle said...

I'm the same way, when I get tired I get cold...glad you got some much-needed sleep. I am so glad too that Siobhan started a blog! And your blog IS fabulous! ; )

Janice said...

I think that we need a road trip (more like a plane trip!) to see Siobhan once I retire. Save your $$$$$ because I am serious!!!!!

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like you've got a good weekend planned :o)

Congrats on your award!

Thanks for posting the link to your friend's Blog. I always love to visit new people :o)

Carolyn NC said...

Thanks so much, Sharon! Enjoyed Siobhan's blog, too.

Siobhan said...

Awww, you are too sweet! Thanks, gf! I am so psyched--my first award! Woo! I can't wait to see pics and hear news of what you decide to work on, but especially to see some new pics of Baby Anthony! Love you! xoxox

Mylene said...

Congrats on the award, Sharon!

Sharon said...

So glad to hear a "early to bed" for you was a refreshing one. I'll find myself going off to bed to warm up when those winds are blowing and its down right COLD outside, too. Then the kitty girls come and join me and warm me up even more. :-)

I will go to and read/look at Siobhan's Blog in just a few moments...always happy to meet others, and of course, she does sound extra special.

Hope you had FUN at the LNS...did those legs of yours find yourself wondering past the threads only? Tee Hee Fess up now, where you Good or where you Bad?????

Have a super wonderful day.