Wednesday, March 04, 2009

isn't this pretty? Its a Christmas Gift to me, by Liberty Hill. The Christmas Memories Box! I just love it. Not only is it painted so pretty with a wintery scene it came filled with treasures. There is a silver mercury ornament, reminds me of the ones we had when we were children, 3 chenille candy canes, 2 metal snowflakes, a little needlebook in a little wool pocket, a small wood handpainted tag and its project ring, a little decorated tree shaped thread winder and a small house on a ribbon to be used as a scissors fob, all of it is resting in a bed of straw. It is just adorable. Merry Christmas to me.

Here is an updated picture of my World's Above, I know I said it before but I have to say it again, I LOVE THIS DESIGN, I can't wait till this evening to stitch on it. I didn't have a chance last night but I am planning a couple hours of stitch a$$ tonight. I am anxious to add some leaves to the tree.
Oh another weekend has passed and I already can't wait till the next one. I had such a good time. I went to visit my grandson and get lots of baby love from him.
Isn't he a cutie? He has a bad cold but you would never know it, he is always so happy. Here he is with his mama, my youngest daughter, who will kill me when she finds out I posted her picture on my blog. LOL

and then on Sunday my husband and I went to the movies and out to eat. We saw Madea goes to jail. Everytime a Tyler Perry movie comes out my husband has to see it. He just loves Tyler Perry comedy. I like it but I would have rather stayed home and stitched. LOL KWIM? It was nice getting out with DH though. We always have a nice time when we go out together.

I know what he is thinking. "I wish she would put that needle and camera down and get herself to bed." LOL My little Sparky, he is my little lovie boy, he follows me everywhere, and sleeps snuggled with me through the night.


Margaret said...

I have that Liberty Hill piece too -- it was also a Christmas gift to me! lol! Love your Worlds Above -- it's looking so pretty! And your grandson -- what a cutie! Your daughter is too. :D And your Sparky is as well -- he's a beautiful dog!

As for Madea -- sorry, can't stand it! lol!

doris said...

Such a happy baby! I love babies.

Love your Liberty Hill box. What a nice gift to give yourself.

Terry said...

Love your Liberty Hill box and yout stitching. Your grandson is an absolute doll. You'd never know he was sick by that big smile and those chubby cheeks.

Melissa said...

Sharon-that box is sweet! But not as sweet at that babe!

Brigitte said...

Your Christmas box is so beautiful. What a nice gift to you.
Oh, such a cute baby. I just love his pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice progress on Worlds Above.

Siobhan said...

Anthony is just too adorable! Katie looks wonderful, too. The Sparkster is so cute--I get that look from Duff, too. The "I'm tired and just want to get some zzzz's." look. ;)

I can't get over how much you've done with Worlds Above. YGG!! Incredible.

Love the Christmas box!

Tammy said...

Aw, sweet little Sparky! The baby is adorable too! Glad you are going to get some stitching time to work on that lovely piece. That will be so nice!

Susan in SC said...

You have to love furry children like Sparky! Your daughter is lovely and Baby Anthony is adorable as usual. What a wonderful Liberty Hill box. I have not seen anything like that before and will have to check it out!

Carolyn NC said...

Worlds Above is looking so good. Love your memory box and goodies with it. Your pic of your grandbaby is adorable. As for your DD, she'll get used to her pic being posted every so often! LOL

Carolyn NC said...

I nominated you for an award. I love your blog!

Garden Girl said...

Hi Sharon! I also gave the same thing to myself for Christmas this year. :~D I just adore Liberty Hill and this box is a really special one.
Your Worlds above is looking incredible.
And that grandson of yours is simply adorable. ~ Joy

Laurie in Iowa said...

I also treated myself to the Liberty Hill Christmas box. I love everything Liberty Hill has designed and have a little collection of their pieces.

Your grandson is absolutely adorable... what a precious smile.

Great progress on Worlds Above. It's lovely.

Sherry said...

The box is lovely and Worlds Above is looking beautiful!

Jan said...

Sharon, Your World's Above project is looking so wonderful! I can see why you are enjoying the stitching, it has a way neat verse and the motifs are great too.

Love your photo of your grandson and daughter. My daughter would freak out too, if I posted her picture. Oh well, what is a mother to do? LOL

Last but certainly not least, is how much I love that Liberty Hill Christmas Box!! I love anything from Liberty Hill, and have quite a few in my collection, but not this one! Do you know if it is still available. I would love to gift myself with one!

Thanks for the pics, love them!

Michelle said...

Worlds Above is gorgeous! I love that box too - wish I had one!! Are they still available?

Pumpkin said...

What a beautiful Christmas gift that you bought for yourself! WOW!

Sparky is so cute! That's Brie, exactly :o) LOL!

Your grandson is such a sweetie.