Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are those flowers I see??
This past Sunday I drove the 6 hour drive to Maryland to meet up with my oldest daughter, Jaime and her hubby. They drove 4 hours from their home in Virginia. We called it Operation Daddy Pickup. He went home with them for a little visit. He is so happy to be going there. Our sil Armando and him I am sure are going to have a wonderful time. They plan on going fishing and having lots of fun together.
We met at the Maryland House and outside of it were flowers. I had to take pictures, what a joy to see flowers and green grass. It is still so cold and gray up here in the mountains. I am waiting patiently for some little signs of spring on my land.

This past weekend was lots of fun in addition to the trip to Maryland on Saturday I went to a lovely baby shower for my friend Mary Ann's daughter who is expecting a little girl in May. It was at a restaurant and the food was fantastic. I sampled a lots but my favorite was chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and spinach. OMG was it good. I don't even like feta cheese or spinach but I do now. YUMMY!! My friend asked me to make her daughter a taggy blanket since she seen others I had made and I did. I just love how it came out. I think it was my best one yet, it was so perfectly even. I know it was because of the scissors and lots of patience. I had bought a really nice gingher sewing scissors a long time ago and they disappeared. The other day my daughter returned them to me because she found them in her bedroom, oh didn't I remember she borrowed them. UGH!! Well I am thankful I got them back, I think I am going to put an alarm on them because they are wonderful. Like cutting through butter with them. So smooth.

I just love this fabric and the cheerful colors.

I recently found a recipe on a blog but I am not sure which one, so if you are reading my blog and this is your recipe, I just want to tell you, you get 10 stars from me because this was out of this world. I just loved them. They are not just yummy they are pretty too. LOL
Yep, those are fresh raspberry tarts, with a lovely cheesecake filling. They are just sooo good. I hope to make some more this weekend.

Here is a little stitching update. I finished one towel awhile back and the past couple days I finished another. My very first Christmas gift for 2010. I think I am going to give them to my friend Marie. Her favorite color is blue. She doesn't go on the computer or do any blogging so I can mention it without her finding out.

Have a great week,

Sharon xoxoxo


Margaret said...

Glad your DH is off to have some fun! I love that quilt for the shower! And the tarts look delicious! I can't believe you're already making xmas presents! Beautiful towels!!

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like Daddy is going to be a happy camper! The blanket and towels look great, but those tarts...yum!

pj said...

sharon, those tarts look absolutely wonderful...can you share the recipe? I haven't chatted with you lately but think of you often. Email the recipe if you don't want to post it....pjstitcher at mchsi dot com
pam in iowa

Michelle said...

Wow - what a busy weekend you had!! Love the taggy blanket. And those raspberry tarts look yummy! Oh, and now you've got me wanting chicken stuffed with feta and spinach too.

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful quilt you made for the baby shower. And I love the two towels you stitched. All of these are such great gifties.

Sylvia said...

hi -
Could I get the recipe for the raspberry tarts - they look absolutely DELICIOUS!!! Would you be so kind to send to sylbigs@aol.com.