Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Memorial Day once again, and lots of family gatherings, picnics and barbecues are going on. The official opening of pool, beach and summer fun. I hope that you will take a moment to remember the soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for all the things we have and enjoy. I don't mean to sound so gloomy but it just seems so strange that so many people drink and party on a day that is supposed to be for remembering so much loss of life. Whatever you do today I hope you have a wonderful day!

I don't have any crosstitching updates and that makes me sad. Has it been so long since I have crosstitched? I have been stitching but with a different fiber, lol crocheting. I have begun making granny squares for a happy blanket for my guest room. Yep, very happy. I have never in my life crocheted with such bright colors but I am enjoying it. I am craving color all of a sudden. I think it might be the results of such a long cold winter and a serious Vitamin D deficiency. All of a sudden I want lots more color in my home. Is there anyone else feeling like that?

A little over a week ago, my grandson Anthony got his tonsils and adenoids removed and had tubes put in his ears. He is just 18 months old now. What a time it was for him and the family. We felt so bad seeing him going through this. He has lost a lot of weight from not eating. He cries all the time and has trouble sleeping. He doesn't want to eat anything, including icecream or icee pops, and getting him to drink anything has been so hard. Poor little guy. I hope and pray he feels better soon and gets back to being his sweet little happy self. Must be the season for the children of this family to have tonsil trouble. Victoria my granddaughter and Anthony's cousin has tonsilitis a few times already. This past week she had a bad bout of tonsilitis, so bad that when she went to see her doctor he sent her to the emergency room to make sure they were not abscessed. At the hospital they gave her IV medications to fight the tonsilitis and to hydrate her a bit. They sent her home with a prescription of a stronger medication to help get rid of the tonsilitis for once and for all and get them removed. The medication has to be the smelliest, nastiest stuff I have ever come across & needless to say we have done everything to try to get her to take her medicine and she won't. They added flavor to it and still and all its horrid. I am sorry to say but it smells like dog poop! Really its that bad and it cost $100.00 what a shame. So my daughter called back her own pediatrician and told him whats been going on. Its been a couple days and Tori still is not getting better and no antibiotics going in her, except for a few drops that we weaseled in before she upchucked it at us. BLECK!! The pediatrician was shocked that the ER Doctor gave her this medication and the strength he gave it to her was not even for her size,age and weight. It has some of the worse side effects too, so her medication was changed immediately. I can't tell you how bad we all feel and angry too. You just can't trust anyone, you really need to do your own research and thats so scary. Never a dull moment around here.

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is June 1st. School will be over in just a few short weeks. This school year went by pretty fast. As most of you know after this job is over I usually work every summer for our local summer recreation program and I have been seriously thinking of not working this time. I still watch my grandchildren and the convenience of the Summer recreation is that I bring them along. But I have been kind of undecided whether to work there this year. I love being home too, and getting some work around the house done and lots of quality time with grandchildren, and stitching, and out in the backyard just living. Have to really give this lots of thought.

Hope your memorial day is wonderful, enjoy the lovely weather. xoxoxo


Margaret said...

Happy Memorial Day to you! I hope poor Anthony and Victoria get better soon -- how awful with all the ER stuff and smelly meds that were just wrong! Hope you make a decision about the summer that's to your liking. More stitching time is always good. :D

Katrina said...

Happy memorial day! Hope your grandbabies are feeling better soon.

I vote for staying home this summer and relaxing and stitching :-).

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I hope your Memorial Day was a good one. I hope all the kiddies feel better soon. I've been through all that with my son (seems like yesterday, not 12 years ago!) and it wasn't fun but after the tonsilectomy and tubes in his ears, he's hardly been sick a day since!

Not having to work over the summer sounds like a joy to me but whatever you decide - I hope you enjoy it!

Siobhan said...

Awww poor Tori & Anthony, I hope they're both feeling better soon. Kieran used to be terrible about taking his medication, too. I'd have to get him in a headlock, tip his head back, and hold his nose. LOL

Carolyn NC said...

Hope both your sweeties feel better! Hope you enjoy your time off school. :)

Susan in SC said...

I vote in staying home with the grandkids and dog this summer. School will start back too soon!