Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I really appreciate them. I thought for sure my friends had forgotten about me since I took such a long break. Wow was I wrong. You guys are great. This weekend I plan on sitting back and catching up on all your blogs and I can't wait.

Here is another finish of mine. The pillow Eek it was so much fun to stitch.

Maybe I should have taken a closer picture of it. Its really cute. Here is a picture of the whole cabinet with some of my Halloween stitching and decorating.

It was fun decorating and I have so much more to do. Every year I hope to get trick or treaters but we never do anymore. So we have our own little celebrations with our grandchildren.

I am definitely going to be making cupcakes with these decorations:

Have a great day.

Sharon xoxoxox


CATHI said...

Your finish of EEK is wonderful! And your Halloween decoration! :o) Love it!


Margaret said...

I love your Halloween cupboard and your finish too! That's sad that you don't get any trick or treaters anymore. We don't get as many as in the past, but we still get them.

Siobhan said...

Ha!! Those icing decorations are hysterical!

I love love love your finish and your Halloween decorations. Great job, Shar Bear!

Laurie in Iowa said...

The cupboard looks wonderful and I love the EEK pillow.