Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hey Happy Sunday to all, Its such a nice day out, I can see out my window the sun is shining and not a bit of snow which is just so crazy for this time of year. I had a busy morning and I just started baking a red velvet cake for the family for dessert and I can't wait to eat a piece smothered with cream cheese frosting. I guess I am few days late for it to be for Valentines Day.
I was in a Valentines Swap with a friend and I received a lovely package from her. A beautiful project bag made with Blackbird Fabric. Check this out:
Isn't it lovely. I can't wait to use it. It was filled with some yummy goodies too, a box of very fancy chocolates and some very sweet gel decorations that I love. Thank you so much, Janice, this was so much fun.
I feel really silly because I didnt take pictures of what I sent her. Oh yeah I took a picture of the box filled with gifts...DUH!! Why I did that I will never know so I am hoping that she will take pics and if she didn't thats okay too.
Oh yeah I did take a picture of my very first completed stitching project of the year. Isn't it sweet?
Guess thats about all the needle love I have done since my last post. Shame on me. I need to start a baby blankie for my new Granddaughter Aubree and a baby sampler for her but I have not found something that I am really in love with. Also the baby yarns, OMG they are so beautiful, I keep changing my mind of what to stitch. I never seen so many lovely yarns before. I remember when my kids were babies, it was pink blue yellow mint green or a mixture of them and that was it. This pregnancy is going so much better then Katies last one. Thank God. She is really glowing and is so excited. We all are, can't wait to meet our Aubree.

Well, I better go frost my cake and eat a piece while I can. Happy Sunday everyone, love to all of you.

Sharon xoxox


Margaret said...

How exciting that there's a new grandbaby on the way! I don't blame you for being indecisive about the yarn to use for the baby blanket. There really are some yummy yarns out there! Beautiful first finish too! And nice project bag you received as well! Hope things are going well with you.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

What a lovely gift. I am sure she will post your project too. Let us know when she does. CJ in OK ;-)

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely swap and stitching! Congrats on the new GB to be!

Jan said...

I am passing on to you the Liebster Award. Visit my new post to learn all about it.

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