Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well, here are the pictures. LOL They didn't publish yesterday. My blogger was taking a break. Good news is that I did work on the Home of a Needleworker a little more last night.
I got up early today 5:30 am to take my 2 mile walk. I went yesterday too. Last year I lost a lot of weight just by walking 2 miles in the morning and again in the evening. Not to mention how great it made me feel. I have slacked off a lot these past months and the weight is coming back. UGH! I am determined to get back into this routine. I figure this week I will walk in the mornings and get my body use to it again. The bones are aching a bit! Then next week will do both morning and evenings. WhooHooo I am on my way again. It is unbelieveable the energy I get from walking.
Hey checkout these new Quaker designs from Workbasket. I just love the way they have their site set up and how you can view the new stuff.

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