Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can it really only be 4 days until Christmas. This month just flew by. Is everyone done with their shopping?? I am just about. I still want to pick up one more thing for my son who is coming home for Christmas from Alabama. Its supposed to be a surprise so I have to act surprised when he shows up Christmas Eve. I will be since I am so very excited that he is coming home. I won't tell you who spilled the beans about it because I am sure he/she will read my blog. LOL But lets just say it was an accidental spill. I am so happy about it. I will have a full house all four of my children with spouses in tow. It will be glorious. Can't wait to see my grandchildrens faces when they wake up Christmas morning. Thats just the best.

Stitching... Oh I have been so bad. I have had such a busy month and not much time to stitch. I have a few ornaments that I must work on but I have just not had the time. I am pushing toward January 6th the Epiphany. I like to celebrate that also. After all thats when the whole gift idea started. :)
I am very lucky and blessed to have such wonderful friends. I received a couple lovely stitched gifts that I am in awe over. So beautiful. I will post pictures later on today.

I have been thinking nonstop of all the stitching I plan on doing in 2007. First things first, I bought a journal. Yes I am finally going to start a journal for my stitching. I want to make a list of all my must stitches and all my want to stitches, and all the maybe's. I am in a couple SAL's one is Winter Wind by PS and the other Garden of Life by Blackbird. I am also in a Mystery Sampler which we receive a part of it every Friday, that started on Dec 1st. This last one I am so excited aboutit. Its just so lovely. I love the colors that I chose for it. The new DMC red variations. They are just so lovely. I recommend everyone try them. They are overdyed and cost $1.29 each. I just love the way the colors flow on them. There is a light green one that I am especially fond of that I want to stitch a JBW pear with it. Its going to look scrumptous.

Will post some pictures later on. I have quite a few to take and share.

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