Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thank you all so much for all my birthday wishes and cards. You guys are all so great. I love you all.
Well, its been sick bay around here for a few days. First my grandson and now the rest of us. We have some really bad stomach flu. So I havent been able to post much or actually to do anything fun. I still hurt all over. Want to just go to sleep for a few days and wake up feeling 100% better.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you something I am stitching. I am in a wonderful sampler group and I was lucky enough to win a bingo game and got some really nice prizes, one of them was to be part of Vierlanden-Mystery Sampler that started on December 1st. It runs for 54 weeks. Every week you get a part of the sampler. I have finished my first part and am anxiously looking forward to the next. Its so lovely. I chose to stitch with the new DMC overdyes which I have to tell you are fast becoming a real favorite of mine. They are so pretty, the colors blend so nice. I chose 4210 which is a blend of reds, maroons, and some purple. My accent color will be 4240 which is blues and some purple. they look so great together. I am excited about this piece. I just know its going to be gorgeous. I already am thinking of where to put it when framed, after I drape it around myself for a little while. :)


Wendy said...

Your mystery samplers look lovely - great colour choices!

Dianne said...

Very pretty, Sharon. What count fabric are you using? I'm wondering how we decide where to put the accent colour when we can't see the whole pattern to decide? Another part tomorrow!

Terry said...

Your colours are lovely, I am still dithering about my colours and size of fabric count. I have also got the Peacock sampler to do so it looks like a very busy 2007