Thursday, August 23, 2007

A New Baby

We have welcomed a new baby in our happy home. A 5 month old rottweiler puppy. She is HUGE and the sweetest baby you could ever want to know. She does drool a lot, and trips over her feet a lot, but she is just wonderful. Her previous owner named her Nena (which is little girl in spanish) but we have been thinking of changing her name but have not decided on a good one yet.

Here she is meeting Sparky our mini dachshund.

This week has been just so busy. My son is home and leaving again tomorrow morning, it has been a fun week with him but it went way too fast. We also had my brother in law visiting for the week and he went home this morning. The Summer visits are coming to an end and time to start preparing for September and back to school time for the grandchildren. This is my favorite time of the year. The back to school time. Time to get lots of stitching done for the upcoming holidays.
Lots of ornaments, a few stockings, pumpkins and all that fun stuff. have bought so much new stuff this summer and have not sorted it out yet, or kitted anything up. Hope to do that soon. Meanwhile I been trying to catch up with my mystery sampler and I will post an updated picture of it this coming weekend. Gotta go take my babies for a walk. Good night all.

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Pumpkin said...

She is ADORABLE! And I love the picture with her and Sparky :o) I like the name Nena. Have you decided to change it?