Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I want to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. I am very happy tonight. My oldest daughter is on her way from her home in Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with us. So all 3 of my girls will be here with their families for Thanksgiving. We are also expecting some friends and an extra special surprise, a cousin that I have not seen in over 31 years is going to come and visit us. I am excited and anxious to see her. The last time we saw each other was at my dads funeral. What a surprise to learn that her son owns a business and lives near by and she is coming to visit him but will visit with us too. I can't wait to see her.
I have been working on ornaments and I am so anxious to share pictures of them, they are all so pretty. I will be mailing them at the end of the month and just as soon as they are received I will be posting pics of them and some other gifties I am working on.
Good night all. xoxoxo


Pumpkin said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Sharon!!!! Sounds like you have a very special holiday planned :O)

Melissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sharon!!! Hope you're feeling better.

diane said...

LOVELY family! I got so excited hearing about your family members coming! Your excitement was just shining thru. I hope you all had an excellent time!!!