Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Reading

Just picked this new issue up of Home Companion. Can't wait to read it. That cover sure made me feel Christmassy.
I had a wonderful day. I went shopping for all my Thanksgiving groceries and I think I have just about everything I need. I made a quick stop at Joanns and picked up some of the nicest buttons that I am going to use for biscornus. I have never found these there before so it was great to find them there. I also picked up a few little Christmas items. Came home to find that my wonderful husband had cooked supper already, ahhhh life is good.
Then sat down to get some much needed stitching done. I have finished my Prairie Schooler ornament swap and will be mailing that tomorrow. I then have 6 more ornaments to make for a different swap in a email loop that I am in. I have 3 of those done but only one of them put together. I would love to show the pictures of them but a few of the recipients read my blog and I am not going to give any sneak peeks. Will post pics soon as they receive them. I am so happy with how they are coming out. Next it will be finishing up ornies for my grandchildren and hopefully will have time to make some ornies for my children. I think I can I think I can. I love stitched ornies.


Pumpkin said...

Oh, that does scream Christmas doesn't it!

What a wonderful hubby you have as well ;o)

I can't wait to see pictures but I understand why you are waiting :o)

Melissa said...

Sharon-I picked up that ME Home Companion the other day. Really gets you in the spirit doesn't it?

Good luck with the ornaments! I've finished two, and am working away on number three!

Anonymous said...


I'm going to look for that magazine at the supermarket today. I am looking forward to catching that Christmas spirit.

Tonight it will be more ornament finishing for me.

Enjoyed reading here today.