Sunday, November 04, 2007

November Stitching

I have started stitching ornies for a few swaps I am in and also started a couple gifties. I love stitching Christmas designs. They are so much fun.
I can't show you anything I stitched for swaps because I am sure some of my swap partners read my blog but I will show you the ornie I have stitched for my grandson, its not put together yet but will be soon. Its a Prairie Schooler design. It reminds me of him and like me his favorite color is red so I think he will like it.

Here is a bookmark that I just finished last night. An Ega Group in Hyde Park is donating bookmarks to their local children's library. So I stitched this one to donate and it looks like such a happy design. I hope it encourages some child to read.


siobhan said...

Very nice!! I bet your GS will love that ornament-it's adorable! I am sure that the bookmark will be treasured, too. Great stitching! :)

Pumpkin said...

That is an adorable ornie Sharon and I'm sure your GS will love it :o)

What a cute bookmark. It makes me smile :o)

Anonymous said...


I just love that bookmark. It cheers me right up!


andrea said...

Great finishes Sharon! That bookmark just makes me smile :)

Sachiko said...

Hi Sharon,

Prairie Schooler design and this color is so lovely!!Bookmark looks like such a happy design,too!!

nutmeg5 said...

I love that ornament. It is so very jolly.