Monday, June 16, 2008

2 finishes and a new family member

The past week has been a really busy one. I went to Mayfield, NY to meet my son. Thats a 6.5 hour drive for me. It was wonderful to see him. I once again am dogsitting for him. He has the cutest little dog, Dingo is his name and he is so funny looking that he is adorable. Have to upload a picture of him to share my little summer guest with everyone. He is just so sweet and rolypoly. I don't blame my son for wanting him and he knew once I saw him I couldn't say no to looking after him. After spending some time with my son, I drove to Jamestown and slept there at a very nice hotel. Had to find one that would let me have the pup with me, which wasn't easy. Finally stayed at one that I had to pay extra for Dingo but thats okay. We had a great night that and I was glad that I stayed. I needed the rest, and even the quiet alone time was good.
I managed to stitch on my Penny rug pillow and finish up all the xstitching on it. This evening I completed it with pillow and stitching it closed and I love the way it came out. I added my initials and my husbands. He says I never stitch anything for him so I included him in this, LOL I don't think thats exactly what he meant but I do like the way it looks and so does he.

I have been working an a summer swap, I am in a few and here is one that I completed today. It's going to have a ring and some plastic bobbins added, so it can be used as a thread holder. This design is JBW's French Country Rooster. I stitched it over one on 25ct and that was a first for me, but now I am hooked. Over the weekend I went and purchased some more 25ct. Never dreamed it would be so easy to work on.

I can't show you the back because I stitched someones name on it and I want her to be surprised. I hope she likes it, this was really such a cute fun idea and I hope to make lots more. As soon as she receives it, I will post a better picture.

Here is our little Dingo:


SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Sharon, Dingo is just adorable, how long do you have him for?

Love the penny x-stitched pillow, haven't seen that design.

JBW Designs a really nice, Ihave several - like how you are finishing it.

With stitches plain and fancy,

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like you had a good trip to see your son :o) Dingo is adorable! He's either part or all Australian Cattle Dog. I can see some of Duncan in him.

CONGRATS! It's beautiful Sharon! I'm jealous ;o)

Oh, what a neat idea! I bet the recipient will be VERY happy with it :o)

Ruth said...

Hiya Dingo! Aren't you a cutie.

Love the pillow -- and what a wonderufl way to "include" less than fans of stitching. lol

siobhan said...

Sharon, Dingo is just adorable! Though now I'm going to keep singing "Dingo was his name, oh!, D-I-N-G-O..." in my head. :) I love the pillow! It turned out so nicely. YGG! Love the rooster, too. I love that JBW series. Great job!!

Anonymous said...


Sorry I had to say that haha

Françoise said...

hé Sharon
Dingo is adorable
Your pillow is really wonderfull!!!!
Rooster too