Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stash Alert!!

This past week I went to Delaware to visit with my dear friend Siobhan who is here from Ireland. What a wonderful time we had. I love seeing her and I am so blessed to know her and her family, and to get to spend time with them every year. Her children are so dear to me, we always have so much fun together. The days went way too fast for me, now I have to start counting the days till next year. I miss them already. We did so many fun things, lots of talking, lots of shopping, and we even met up with Kathy Barrick from Carriage House Samplings and spent some time with her too. What a great time it was.
This is some of the stash that I purchased. Some are new designs and some of them are a little older (not too old) that I have wanted and never saw them up close before. My fabrics are so nice, relic and heritage, they are gorgeous such beautiful variations in them. I also found at Strawberry Sampler this lovely baby towel and 2 matching bibs. They are sooo soft, much nicer then the older Charles Craft styles. I bought a chart for them and they gave me a pamphlet with some freebie designs for them also. I am stitching on them for my new grandbaby that will be here in December.

I have become hooked on making these thread holders, this one I made for Siobhan.


Siobhan said...

Big hugs, gf! We all had such an incredible time and miss you so much. xoxoxoxo

Pumpkin said...

It does sound like you had an amazing time! Good for you :o)

Wow! Look at that stash! Thank you so much for buying it for me Sharon ;o) ROFL! JK!

Beautiful job on the thread holder. I've got to try my hand at one of those but where do you get the nice rings to put the floss on?

Sharon said...

Great stash! Both of the thread holders are really pretty!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Oh, I think it is so neat that you know Siobhan - I have always admired her stitching! And how did you connect with Kathy? That's some fabulous stash and a lovely thread holder.

Susan in SC said...

I think Siobhan is lucky to have you as a friend! It sounds like you both have an incredible friendship with each other. Your thread holders are lovely!!

China Pattern said...

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us all. I am dismayed that many traditional American crafts are now made in China. Quilting, for example, is an important traditional area of folk art but you can't buy one not made in China unless you go to certain special shops or craft fairs. Sad.