Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day

What are you doing today?
Every year on Labor Day, we enjoy italian sausage and peppers/onions sandwiches. This has been a family tradition. Strange do you think? Well it all started when my siblings and I were young in Manhattan. On labor day there was a big feast of St. Anthony on our street. A carnival of sorts and a favorite food to purchase there was a sausage on a roll, smothered in a mixture of fried onions and peppers, hmmm uh before the carnival even started the smell of them cooking would come in through the windows. I still can smell it, that and zeppoles. (fried dough covered with powdered sugar). My mother being practical, made her own. We would get some money to go on a couple of the rides they had available but when it came time to eat, we would run upstairs and mom would have a nice fat hoagie roll filled with sausages, and soft sweet peppers and onions, and it was the best. Then we all would watch the MDA Telethon with Jerry Lewis. After we would get delicious fried dough for dessert, our fingers sticky with powdered sugar. What a treat. I can taste it now. I never forgot this and I started this tradition with my children, and now my grandchildren. So I will be cooking today and remembering my parents and enjoying our own feast with my children and grandchildren.
Happy Labor Day to you all, whatever you do to celebrate remember all the workers that help make this country what it is.


Susan in SC said...

What sweet memories! Happy Labor Day to you Sharon.

Pumpkin said...

What wonderful memories Sharon :o) Next year, I go to your place! LOL!

Joanne said...

I love your traditions, Sharon! Gosh, I always loved zeppoles and miss them. I haven't had them since we left the NY/NJ area. They were always a favorite at any of the street fairs or carnivals we used to go to. I loved carrying the little paper bag of them around and munching on them with all the powdered sugar :)
Hugs, Joanne