Sunday, September 07, 2008

I am so excited, my daughter Jennifer has this wonderful fancy smancy computer and she gave it to me since she is on her laptop most of the time. I gave mine to my grandchildren, so everyone is very computer happy today. This is so nice, It has so many things that my computer didn't have and its so fast and the screen is so much bigger then mine, and mine was pretty big. I am thrilled. Thanks so much, dear daughter. xoxo
The weather has been so rainy and windy. I was supposed to drive down to visit my daughter in VA this weekend but didn't go because the driving conditions were not very good. I hope I can get another chance to go soon.
I have been working on some baby gifts for my daughter Katie's baby and having fun with them, I wish I could share them with everyone but my daughter is always peeking at my blog here and I don't want her to see them yet. LOL I know she will read this. LOL NOSEY KATIE!!
I did a little more on my tea time and thats coming out so pretty.

I want to try and finish it this week. I also started the cutest little design for my granddaughter for a birthday gift. Its from Country Cottage Designs called Little Ballerinas. I think she will like it.

I am trying to come up with a nice way to finish it other then framing. I have a few ideas that I will share soon.


Ginnie said...

This ballerina design is lovely, I look forward to seeing your progress.

China Pattern said...

Congrats on your new computer! My laptop is larger because I need a big screen to be able to SEE it. Everyone always wants the smaller ones to carry around. Since I use mine more like a desktop and don't need to tote it around, the bigger one is just right.

One of your projects reminds me of a calender a relative made once. She had it with all of the grandchildren and their names and birthdates sewn on the edge. The months and the days of the week were changeable and the numbers stayed in place. It was very neat!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

How wonderful to have an upgrade like that, your DD sounds great. Your Tea Time progress is looking good and you have a nice start on the liitle ballerinas. Happy Stitching, CJ(ok;-)

Sherry said...

your DGD will just love this piece!

Pumpkin said...

Woohoo! New computers are always fun :o) That was very nice of your daughter.

Tea Time is adorable! Who is the designer Sharon?

Your DGD is going to LOVE this one! It's so perfect :o)

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Congratulations on your new computer! What a nice thing for you. Tea time is looking so cute. Hope you can make your visit soon.