Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Primitive Love

I have been bitten by the Primitive Stitching BUG! I want to stitch them all, I want to fill my home with primitive designs, I want to happily roll around in gobs of charts and fill baskets and every corner of my home with primitive stitching. Have I gone insane? I can't help it. On top of all the charts I own already (pictures still to come) I recently joined a group of Stacy Nash Groupies. She designs some of the most darling primitive designs I have ever seen. The Primitive Needle is one of my favorite designers too. I started this little hornbook design last night and I stitched on it for a few hours when I should have been stitching ornaments. I couldn't stop, it was just so enjoyable. I just love the fabric too, its soo splotchy and looks great with this design.

How many of you have been bitten by that Primitive Bug?

Here are a couple poor ornies I have finished. I am getting in such a Christmassy mood. My new Grandson will be here by Christmas and it will be so wonderful. What a wonderful time of the year for a new baby to come.


Pumpkin said...

Not me but I do love the look of it on that fabric :o)

Lovely ornaments! And finished to boot ;o)

Irene said...

I've been bitten. I'm also in the group and can't seem to keep up with everyone, I think I have about 400 e-mails to read !

Janice said...

Yes-I'm smitten by the primitive movement! I plan to begin work on Turkey Hill School from Stacy Nash this week-end. So Sharon-let's stitch something together from our "new book". Your choice....LMK.

Nice ornaments, BTW.

Beth said...

Very cute ornies! Congrats on getting them finished!

I've not been bitten by the primitive bug, but the hornbook start looks good.

Hugs & stitches,

Petra said...

Beautiful ornaments! I agree about the primitive stitching - how have I missed out on this all my life!?!?

Siobhan said...

Sharon, YGG!! I love the start of your hornbook angel; the fabric is perfect for it! The ornaments are adorable, too!

Ruth said...

Yep me too! I just love the primitives. This morning I rdered the cutest Halloween design by With Thy Needle & Thread.

I so enjoy your blog Sharon and envy a new grandchild. They are the best.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I am stitching that same angel hornbook. I love that pattern and am on 40 ct. so it is going a little slower than I would like. Yes, that SN group is chatty and we get lots of email but they are fun!!! pam

Susan in SC said...

Such pretty stitching! I like the primitive look too!