Monday, February 16, 2009

I had fun this past Saturday working on these 2 blankets for 2 of my grandchildren. I never made one of these tied ones before and it was pretty easy. These blankies are so nice and warm. Hope the children like them as much as I do.

I would have had a lovely little angel to share that I stitched for a giftie, but I fell asleep while working on it and woke up to hear my dog Dingo choking and gagging. I jumped right up to help him, and I was just in time to find what he had indeed been choking on. MY ANGEL. He chewed it up and then swallowed and nearly choked to death on it. He is so naughty, forever stealing my threads and fabrics. I thought he would have outgrew this by now. He especially loves to lick the overdyed threads. YUCK! I have to keep him as far from my stitching as possible.
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Carolyn NC said...

Blankets are beautiful. We have several of these and my kids always loved them! Sorry about your angel and Dingo.

Siobhan said...

The blankets are fabulous, Sharon!! Woohoo! LOL about Dingo. I think he figures that since you are so enchanted with your stash, maybe he needs to be part of it, too!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Sharon, the blankets are great, I am a big 'Tinkerbell' fan, so I just love that one.

Your Valentine stitch is lovely and wherever do you buy Vanilla Mulch??

The Christmas ornament looks great.

But the bestest picture on your blog is your grandson - he is so cute!!

TTFN Roberta

Pumpkin said...

Your blankets are lovely Sharon! Nice work :o)

Oh no! Poor angel :o( Is she and Dingo okay?