Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow, Stitching, Stash and Scissors.

Can this really be the last day of February? It has been snowing 5 days straight here and we are buried in snow. We had power outages a few times. I am thankful we have a generator. I took some pictures of the snow during our storms and made a little flick'r badge with them if you care to look, its on the right sidebar of my blog. It is a very beautiful sight to see but it gets tiring. March is certainly coming in like a Lion. I love that saying. Just one more month (hopefully) and the maybe we will get some sunshine. I sure could use some.
In honor of our days off I started and finished something new.

A friend gave me this chart a long time ago and I have wanted to stitch it so FINALLY I did. It's called Bronwyns Biscornu by Primitive Traditions. I didn't use the colors it called for which was just two shades of brown and I am sure that would have looked nice, certainly more primitive. I was in the mood for something more cheerful.

I bought some threadworx threads awhile back and they are just so pretty. I used one called Kaleb's Cherry Patch. It's such a pretty blend of browns and pinks. Once finished I realized I didn't have any polyester stuffing so I stuffed it with doll pellets. I decided not to put a button in the center. I just kind of like it the way it is. Isn't it pretty? I just love these biscornus.
Market is over and I am thrilled with all the new things that are out. I ordered the new book by Blackbird Designs called Honeysuckle Manor. I can't wait to get it, I am so thrilled with Blackbird design books. They are always filled with so many great fun charts and creative ideas.

Next order I hope to get some new Primitive Needle designs and not to mention the brandnew Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow. It's a beauty too.
Now take a look at these wonderful scissors, aren't they nice. I love them. If you are interested in purchasing a pair they are being sold by
Yuko and they are very reasonable. Just $8.00 each. She has a couple other styles too. Thank you again Yuko, I love them.
Thank you to all of you that visit my blog, I am so very thankful for all of you.
Good night all, and wishing you a good nights rest and a wonderful Monday as well.


Margaret said...

I'm sick of the snow too. You've had more than us though! Good thing you all have a generator. It's a nice thing to have -- wish we had one just in case! Love your biscornu! Beautiful! Let's hope for a mild March!

The Scarlett House said...

Oh Sharon, every time I see the weather for your neck of the woods, I think of you and hope you are okay. Hmmm...March 1st, spring can't be too far away.
Love Yuko's scissors, too. I had to get two pairs myself.

Glenna said...

Sharon, I love how your biscornu turned out. I wouldn't have done a button either. I'm seeing more and more stitchers talk about threadworx, so I'll have to keep an eye out for those fibers.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your biscornu is a real beauty Sharon! Congrats on your finish. I'm going to be ordering the new BD book too... it looks like a real winner.
I know what you mean about all the snow... our snow is that nice dingy, dirty snow now, but the temps aren't warming up, so very little snow melt.

Deb said...

My heart goes out to you with all the snow that you've been getting. It's really been one strange year weather wise. Hopefully, the weather will start behaving itself and bring spring to everyone.

Your biscornu is lovely. Just so perfect. The threads choices are very nice!

And you'll love the BBD book - I picked one up this weekend, and I just can't put it down. I want to start stitching out of it right away.

Siobhan said...

What a lovely biscornu, Sharon! It looks great. Love the new scissors, too. I can't WAIT to get the BBD book--I expect it to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Michelle said...

Love your biscornu! How pretty with the thread you used! And of course we are all going to dive right into our BBD books when they arrive!! Yay!

Irene said...

I would never have thought of using that pattern for a biscornu and look at it, it's BEAUTIFUL, no need for a button at all. The color is very ncie.

Von said...

Love, love, love your little biscornu! Don't blame you a bit for changing the floss color - I've been drinking in all the color I can get lately. :)

Brigitte said...

We've had a lot of new snow too last Friday night. Can't see it anymore.
Your biscornu looks fantastic and I love the thread that you used. It's very cheerful with its colours. I'll have to order it.

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