Monday, April 19, 2010

After a nice long 3 day weekend, (no work on Friday since there was a superintendents conference, and lots of much needed yard work, I was excited to think I would get lots of stitching time in and would finally be able to post a finish. Bah humbug, no finish at all but I did get some stitching time in which was fun. This one design My offering, is just taking me forever. I sure got fooled by it. Everytime I think I am almost done, I realize I have so much more. HUH? this design has gotten me totally crazy, if I didn't like it so much I would hate it.

I was so tired of it the other night that I had to start something else LOL I found this adorable Hare design on Plum Street Samplers Blog, thank you Paulette, and I am absolutely loving these little Hares. There are quite a few that she has designed and I want to stitch them all. Wouldn't they all be so sweet looking in a basket together.

My weekend wasn't a total lost, I did manage to catch up on some mending, fixing and hemming. So did my granddaughter Victoria. I am always fixing dolls, bunnies,doggies all sorts of things that somehow find their way in Maya and Dingo's mouth. They like to play tug-a-war with Tori's babies. Tori will always bring them to me to repair, so yesterday I sat on my bed and started mending. Tori asked could she try and I was a little nervous about giving her a sharp needle. Any sewing projects she had done before were with a plastic needle but I thought well she has to learn sometime. I am happy to say she was pretty good at it and very careful. She made some tiny little stitches and managed to fix what was a monkeys tail there. LOL Look at those little dirty feet, hmmm. Well, I am so happy that she did a little sewing. I had bought her sewing cards before but she was bored with them, now I can find little projects for her to sew and now to teach her to crosstitch. Oh the possibilities. :) I hope she learns to love stitching as much as I do.

Well, its off to work I go. Have a great day everybody. xoxoxo
Love to all, Sharon


Margaret said...

My offering is looking great! Don't you hate it when a piece takes longer than you think it will? Ugh! I love your Hare's whichever too! Did you see the latest one? I love that one and ordered it!

Jan said...

Keep up the wonderful progress, Sharon and it will be no time at all before My Offering is a fini! And one that you love so much deserves to be finished!

Love those bunnies/hares of Paulette's too, I have collected them all, but have yet to stitch one.

Carolyn NC said...

MO looks wonderful - how sweet that your GD is doing so well!

Siobhan said...

Awww, that is so sweet that Tori is learning to sew. Good for her! :) You'll have to buy more stitching stuff since you now have to share it. ROFLOL--it's worth a try!! Love the stitching progress!

Melissa said...

Don't you hate those projects that seem to never end? It happens to me all the time. I think I'm so very close to finishing and end up having another week or two of stitching left!

Go Tori! Go Tori! It's so great she has you to teach the love of handwork.

Rhonda said...

Hi Sharon
I am so glad you visited my blog and that got me to come back to yours. we have not "visited" in a while have we?
I did not know you were employed, have you always been or did you get your job recently?
and I like seeing your GDD stitching - I starting stitching young, Mom says I did my first basic X stitches when I was 4. And I remember getting in trouble in 5th grade for sitting in the back of the room, stitching instead of studying.