Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi everybody, and a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY to all of you.
This has always been a favorite pillow of mine that I stitched a few years back so I thought I would show it again to share with everyone. School ended a week ago and I have been trying to enjoy the week off I have in between jobs. Now here is it the 4th of July weekend already. Monday I go back to work at my Summer Recreation job.
This past Thursday my granddaughter Victoria finally had her tonsils and adenoids removed. It was difficult since they were abcessed and she is recovering now. She is on medication so she is not in too much pain, and antibiotics and she has had a mountain of ice pops and ice cream. My little lambchop she is resting right now and still feeling very poorly which is understandable but we are so relieved it is over. God willing this will help improve her health.
I have been having so much fun with my new passion, cotton yarn. OMG I can't stop playing with it. I have been making all sorts of things. One of my favorite items that I made were swiffer covers. I love that swiffer especially good for the doggy fur that tends to fly around everywhere, I swear my dogs shed enough to make more dogs. Those little cloths are very expensive. Now even the store brands are getting high in price. So I crocheted me a swiffer cover and darn if it doesn't work wonderful. I used the poor thing so much, flipped it over used it again, and now its in the laundry basket waiting to be washed. I am going to have to make myself a bunch since I use them every day. I wish I took a picture of it first. I did a demonstration for my daughters and now they all want them. LOL I also covered some sponges with crochet and they are wonderful. They clean so nice. I made a few more washcloths too. What fun I have been having. I still have loads of cotton yarn and still got some more ideas of things I want to make. My daughters said that they have a feeling one day I will be dressed in a crocheted cotton outfit from head to toe since I am having so much fun with it. LOL I am thinking of making little packages with a sponge a swiffer pad and maybe a washcloth or two for little gifts for friends. Maybe a bar of homemade soap as well.

Then to make a perfect closing for the week, I received a lovely package from a dear friend Melissa. What a special treat it is. The package was just a "Good Mail" package as she called it. Just so I would get some good and happy mail. Included was a handwritten letter which was so nice to receive. In this day of email and texts, how wonderful that she took the time to write me a lovely long letter. It was so nice. The filled with lots of goodies. Here is a picture of everything minus the bag of candy which is gone already. :)

Here are closeups of my stitched gifties, aren't they nice?

Have a Happy weekend everyone, and I hope you are all doing things that you enjoy. I plan on sitting down and doing some patriotic stitching to honor the birthday of our wonderful country. Tonight our town is having a fireworks display and we will be attending that. Can't wait. Take care all.

Sharon xoxo


Margaret said...

Glad your granddaughter came through her surgery well. Hope she recovers well and her health improves. Love all the goodies-- the pillow, the crochet things, etc. How clever to make swiffer covers! Nice package from Melissa too!

Daffycat said...

Awww, I love this Uncle Sam! What a wonderful pillow!

Brigitte said...

You are doing some wonderful crocheting and stitching. Have a great weekend!

Susan in SC said...

What a nice friend you have with your good mail. I love your washcloths and think your idea of things to go with it are perfect! Feel free to send me one! LOL!! Love your patriotic pillow. You are so talented!unpaphin

Siobhan said...

I love the goodies from Melissa!! I remembered that I hadn't seen them and had to come and look. Beautiful! I love that pillow with the Uncle Sam, too; I brought it out to stitch it this year and of course didn't get to it. Love the crochet pieces, too! See you SOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Sharon! Thank you for your very sweet comment on our blog. I have been enjoying looking through your's too! I Love your dishcloths! It is so nice to meet you. Have a wonderful day! Twyla