Friday, September 03, 2010

I've Been Hexed

and here is the proof...

Aren't they cute?
Well, like everybody else I am complaining about the same old thing, the summer went by way too fast, it was way too hot, or not hot enough. What happened to it?? It is already September for goodness sake. Labor Day weekend. It is back to work for me this coming week. I am looking forward to it, I have a couple meetings to go to before school starts and they are having a welcome back breakfast this coming Tuesday, it will be fun to see everyone and to see the children too on Wednesday which is the official first day of school.
The best part of the whole summer was that I got to spend some time with my dear sister friend Siobhan and her lovely family. We had a wonderful time together but as always it went way too fast. We did have fun, we always do, we did lots of yakking and catching up on things, we went out to eat to different restaurants. But the best was just sitting and chatting in Dunkin Donuts, we could sit there for hours and talk and talk. It is wonderful. I miss her so much already, and I am already counting the days till we can get together again. We rode all over Pennslyvania and Delaware. We visited some great Quilt stores. Siobhan has quilted quite a few beautiful quilts and she has convinced me to start one. OMG Okay I said it. I am quilting and I don't even think I know what I am doing. LOL But she did show me how to start so I think I got it. Of course next year she will have to show me how to finish because I have no idea. I found some great vintage children fabrics that reminded me so much of when I was a child. Aren't they sweet? I am in love with these sweet designs. I have so many more to make but that is okay, I love making them. I am already dreaming of other hexagon quilts I will make.
I also had to add to my crosstitch stash and yarn stash, we visited the Strawberry Sampler and spend a little time there with old friends. That was fun and we went to this yarn store in Old Forge that was wonderful. I never saw so many beautiful yarns I just wanted to dive in to all of them. Of course I had to buy some.
I bought this chart "I've Got your Love to Keep Me Warm" while at Strawberry Sampler and I have started it. This November my husband and I will be married 36 years, and I swear I was a child bride. :) so I am stitching this in honor of our anniversary. As I stitch it I can hear my mom singing this very song, she was always singing while working around the house. Now I am singing it while stitching.

Here are a few pics of my grandchildren enjoying the last days of summer.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you!!


Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, Sharon, your hexies look fantastic!! I can't believe how many you've done so far. They're addictive, though, aren't they?! ;) Love your start on your anniversary piece, too. It'll go so nicely in your house.

The grandkids look like they had a blast this summer!

Margaret said...

Love your hexies and the fabrics you chose! And your anniversary piece is wonderful as well! Beautiful! Glad you and Siobhan had so much fun together. Your grandkids are all so cute! Have fun starting up at school again!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your hexies are wonderful Sharon. Love your choice of fabrics. Your grandbabies are adorable. Enjoy the start of a new school year.
I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the stitching piece.

Von said...

Your grandkids look like they're having such fun! The days go by tooooo fast!

Melissa said...

Sharon! So good to see a new post from you! Your hexes look wonderful and what a sweet sampler for your anniversary.

pj said...

Sharon, I love those hexies and have been fighting the "want" to start such a project. They are fun! I am not a quilter either so would need Siobhan to help me...maybe a tript to Ireland? I would love to meet her! The grandkids are sure growing and are so adorable...thanks for sharing their pics. Back to autumn and slower days I guess. I am heading to China tomorrow for work and am a little nervous but I know it will be a great experience. pam in iowa

Carolyn NC said...

Love the hexes! Nice stitching and great pics of the grandkids!

Rhonda said...

hi Sharon
your hexes are great and I like your vintage fabrics as much as you do. But I am just "looking" I sure don't need another project either

your grandchildren are good looking children - and I hope the school age ones have a nice new school year